Simans v Burnaby (City), 2014 BCSC 2442 (CanLII)

The plaintiffs operated an animal shelter and were being evicted from their shelter (also their residence) for non-payment of rent. At the same time, the defendants seized 52 dogs and 19 cats from the plaintiffs.

The defendants returned 39 dogs and 19 cats to the plaintiffs. Thirteen dogs were not returned; one was euthanized and the rest were put out for adoption by the defendants. The plaintiffs claim they were harassed by the defendants, the SPCA, while they transported the animals to the new shelter.

The plaintiffs claim that the seizure of their animals was unlawful. The defendants submit that the animals were lawfully seized.

The Court concluded that the seizure was lawful. However, the BCSPCA made a defamatory statement about the plaintiffs and so the Court found that general damages payable by the BCSPCA to the plaintiffs.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: British Columbia

Topics: CatsdefamationdogssearchseizureshelterSPCA

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