R v Young, [1997] OJ No 6214 (ON Ct J)

This is the sentencing of the accused,  David Young, on charges of arson, threatening to commit arson, and killing cattle. Young was alleged to be part of a motorcycle gang and was arrested in connection with a threat to burn down a building and the subsequent fire at the building. The threat was made to discourage the owner of the building from reporting the theft of his vehicle. The owner lost substantial property and several cattle in the fire. Young had a prior criminal record which included several property offences.

The killing of cattle, contrary to section 444(a) of the Criminal Code, is an indictable offence carrying a maximum period of imprisonment of five years. There were thirty-four animals housed in this barn at the time, but thirty-one of them were able to escape or were rescued from the fire.

The accused was sentenced to five years imprisonment for arson, one year consecutive for threatening and a year and a half consecutive for killing the cattle.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Ontario

Topics: ArsonbarncattleCriminal CodefireGangpropertysentencing

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