R v Vieira, [2006] BCJ No (BCPC)

The accused, John Vieira was charged that he wilfully neglected or failed to provide suitable and adequate food, water, shelter and care for horses, dogs, pigs and rabbits, contrary to Section 446(2) of the Criminal Code. Vieira testified he was away from his farm for approximately two weeks in March and left a neighbour to care for his animals, claiming that he left sufficient food for the animals and expected his neighbour to feed them. However, the evidence was clear that Vieira’s horses and dogs had not received food for many days prior to his departure, and the animals were in very poor condition, a condition that would have been obvious to the accused.

The accused was found guilty as the court was satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that he wilfully neglected his animals in the time leading up to, as well as, the time he was away from his farm.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: British Columbia

Topics: beyond a reasonable doubtcarecriminalCriminal Codedogsfarmfoodhorsesneglectpigsrabbitsshelterwater

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