R v Talaga, [2006] MJ 145 (MB Prov Ct)

This is the sentencing of offender, Talaga, who was convicted of starving farm animals and failing to provide medical care to a calf with a broken leg. One pig died from starvation and the cattle was in various stages of starvation. The offender had an obligation to care for the animals if he was not going to sell or euthanize them.

The court sentenced the offender with a fine of $3,000 for failure to provide adequate food and water to the cattle, $3,500 for failure to care for the pigs, and $3,500 for failure to provide medical attention to the calf. He was provided four years to pay the fines and was also prohibited from owning or possessing animals for five years.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Manitoba

Topics: broken legcalfcowcowseuthanizefarminjuryPigprohibitionsentencingstarvation

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