R v Rahim, [2006] AJ No 559 (AB Prov Ct)

This is the sentencing of Karim Rahim, the accused, who pled guilty to cruelty to animals, failure to appear, and assault. In addition to other charges, the accused was caught on videotape, and admitted to the facts that he was watching a wild duck, walk around in front of him for about three minutes. He then stood up abruptly and kicked the duck sending it flying against the brick wall. The duck flapped around a little bit, obviously injured and suffering. The accused went over and stepped on it, killing it. The accused suffered from schizo affective disorder.

The accused failed to appear with respect to the cruelty to animals charge. In a separate incident, the accused pushed another patient of the mental hospital, causing her to fall backwards. The accused had a criminal record, was on probation at the time of the assault, and had failed to comply with other Court directions.

The accused was sentenced to one day imprisonment, with no warrant of committal for assault; one day imprisonment, concurrent, with no warrant of committal for cruelty to animals; one day imprisonment, concurrent, with no warrant of committal for failure to attend; two years’ probation, including a term requiring him to take his medication; two year firearms prohibition; and two year pets prohibition. In addition, a period of probation with strict conditions was necessary to ensure the protection of the community.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Alberta

Topics: cruelty to animalsduckImprisonmentMental IllnesssentencingVideo

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