R v Hunt, [1977] NJ No 39 (Nfld CA)

The appellant pleaded guilty to a charge under section 400(a) of the Criminal Code for killing cattle. This was an appeal by the accused from his sentence of nine months’ imprisonment on that charge. He argued that the sentence was too severe, and that he and his accomplice had voluntarily confessed their crime to the owner shortly after committing it.

The Court dismissed the appeal. The Court pointed out that the offence was a serious one punishable by imprisonment for up to five years. In addition, the appellant had a lengthy record which indicated clearly that leniency had been granted to him on many occasions, and that the hope of rehabilitation in his case was misplaced.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Newfoundland and Labrador

Topics: appealcattlecriminalCriminal CodeDismissguiltykillsentence

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