R v Harmsworth, 2012 ABPC 346

Application by an RCMP officer for an Order to have a dog designated as a dangerous dog, pursuant to the Dangerous Dogs Act, and be destroyed. Without provocation, the dog had severely bitten the arm of a third party. Although there was no definition of “dangerous dog” in the Act, the Court was satisfied that the attack on the third party was enough to support a dangerous dog designation.

The Court did not go so far as to order that the dog be killed. After listening to witness testimony, including a master dog trainer that was working with the dog in question after the attack, the Court ordered that the dog be kept in accordance with several conditions, including specific confinement conditions, muzzling, leashing, and provisions regarding the dog’s on-going training.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Alberta

Topics: breed specific legislationBSLcertified master dog trainerconditionsconfinementdangerous dogdesignationdestructiondirect physical controlleashmuzzleorder

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