R v Amorim, [1994] OJ No 2824 (ON Ct J)

The accused was charged that he did wilfully cause unnecessary suffering to a dog (ss. 446(1)(a) Criminal Code). He was the owner of the pet dog, which he normally kept chained in his backyard. The dog was only fed or given water at irregular times. It was leashed to a short strong, heavy metal chain, and, on occasion, was seen to be muzzled. The dog was not walked regularly and there were feces in and about the place where it was chained. It barked constantly and from the barking it appeared to be distressed.

The court stated that considering all of the circumstances, the accused did wilfully inflict suffering upon the dog — finding him guilty.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Ontario

Topics: animalschainedcrueltydistressdogevidencefoodneglectprooftiedunnecessary painunnecessary sufferingwaterwilfully inflicted

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