Meat Inspection and Abattoir Regulations, YOIC 1988/104

The Meat Inspection and Abattoir Regulations are enacted pursuant to the Agricultural Products Act, RSY 2002, c 3 and regulate the operation of abattoirs, including the slaughtering of animals and the processing of their meat.

The Regulations prohibit persons from slaughtering an animal in any place other than an abattoir for which a licence has been issued under section 10, or an establishment operating under the Meat Inspection Act. However, this does not apply to the slaughter of an animal by a person for that person’s or his or her own family’s consumption.

Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: Yukon

Topics: abattoircarcassdeliverdirectorfamily's consumptionhealth officerinjuryinspectorlicencemeatpermitsalesanitaryslaughtertransportveterinarian

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