Guy D’Anjou inc. v. Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), 2015 CART 2 (CanLII)

This is an application made by the applicant, Guy D’Anjou inc., for a review of a violation of paragraph 138(2)(a) of the Health of Animals Regulations, alleged by the respondent.

The respondent, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Agency) alleged that the applicant committed a violation contrary to paragraph 138(2)(a) of the Health of Animals Regulations (C.R.C., c. 296), which states:

138. (2) …no person shall load or cause to be loaded on any railway car, motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel and no one shall transport or cause to be transported an animal

(a) that by reason of infirmity, illness, injury, fatigue or any other cause cannot be transported without undue suffering during the expected journey….

The facts in the file related to the health status of two cows, which were found in an emaciated or thin condition and had also sustained various injuries.

The Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal determined that the applicant committed the violation and ordered Guy D’Anjou inc. to pay the Canadian Food Inspection Agency a monetary penalty.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Canada (Federal)

Topics: applicationCanadacattleCFIAcowcowsemaciatedinjuriesLoadLoadingregulations

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