F. Ménard Inc. v. Canada (CFIA), 2004 CanLII 72422 (CA ART)

In this case, the Applicant F. Ménard Inc. picked up a total of 115 distressed hogs from several farms and transported them to a slaughterhouse. At the time of unloading 12 hogs were dead and the remainder of the lot was very short of breath and suffering from symptoms related to heat stress. The Respondent claimed that there were too many animals on the truck for the weather conditions, and that the overcrowding contributed to the undue suffering and death of the hogs.

The Tribunal found that the Applicant was in contravention of subsection 140(2) of the Health of Animals Regulations as there was an overcrowding of animals on the truck which contributed to the deaths of the 12 hogs and to the heat stress suffered by the others hogs while being transported by the Applicant.

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Canada (Federal)


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