Dairy Livestock Insurance Plan, NS Reg 114/2002

The Purpose of the Dairy Livestock Insurance Plan is to provide insurance against the loss of livestock resulting from a designated peril, and a benefit for loss of income when a designated peril causes gross monthly income to fall below 50% of the average gross monthly income. Designated perils are those reportable diseases identified pursuant to the Health of Animals Act (Federal), except bovine spongiform encephalopathy and foot and mouth disease, pasturella pneumonia, and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis.

Perils for the purpose of income loss include all of the above diseases, fire, and collapse of a dairy building as a result of ice or snow.

The Plan also prescribes the application method and requirements of a contract of insurance, the duration and limitation of the contract, premiums, coverage, established prices, and notice of loss of livestock.

The enabling statute for this Plan is the Crop and Livestock Insurance Act, RSNS 1989, c 113.

Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: Nova Scotia

Topics: calvescattlecowdairydairyingdiseaseheifersincomeinsurable livestockperil

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