Canada (AG) v Parcherie des Cèdres Inc, 2005 FCA 59

A pig was found in extremely poor health and unable to move. His injuries included a fractured leg as well as necrosis of the skin, muscle, and bone tissue. This illness and injury had lasted at least 10 days. Despite these injuries, the pig was transported in a motor vehicle. The issue on judicial review was whether the transportation caused the pig “undue suffering” within the meaning of section 138(2)(a) of the Health of Animals Regulations. The Court held that “undue suffering” did not mean “excessive suffering” but rather “undeserved” or “unwarranted” suffering, therefore finding the action of transporting the injured pig in violation of the Regulations.

Associated Statutes – Health of Animals Regulations, s. 138(2)(a)

Source: Case Law

Jurisdiction: Canada (Federal)

Topics: PigStatutory InterpretationTransportation of injured animalUndue suffering

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