Animal Control Bylaw No 7037, 2005

The Animal Control Bylaw regulates the keeping of animals, the operation of city animal shelters, dog licensing, impounding, and the prevention of cruelty to animals in the Municipality of New Westminister. Some examples of the regulations contained in the Bylaw include the designation of specific breeds of dogs as vicious dogs, the prohibition on keeping of wild animals, and subject to minimal exceptions, prohibitions on the use of animals for fights or exhibitions.

Source: Municipal Bylaw

Jurisdiction: British Columbia

Topics: aggressive behaviouranimal controlanimal shelterat largebreed specific legislationBSLcarnivalchaincircusconfineddangerous dogdisturb the peacedogexerciseexhibitionfeesfoodimpoundlicensemuzzleperformancepit bullquiettetheringtransportvehiclevicious dogwaterwild animal

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