Agricultural Products Act, RSY 2002, c 3

The Agricultural Products Act establishes a system to inspect agricultural products to control quality and safety. The Act authorizes the making of regulations for a number of agricultural related activities, including animal slaughter.

Under the Act, “game animal” means (a) musk-ox, (b) rocky mountain elk, (c) wood bison, or (d) any other animal named in the Game Farm Regulations made under the Wildlife Act, that is held in captivity for commercial purposes; “agricultural product” means any product of commercial or domestic agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, bee-keeping, berry-picking, fishing, hunting or other similar activity, grown, raised, harvested, collected, caught, taken, picked, packaged, processed or otherwise produced or processed in the Yukon for human consumption including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, meat, honey, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, yogurt, teas, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, berries, fruit and grains, whether wild or domestic.

The Act also prohibits persons from selling a regulated product or offering a regulated product for sale to any person unless the product has been approved by an inspector in accordance with regulations applying to that product. However, this does not prohibit a person from making an occasional private sale of a live animal, other than a game animal, raised by the person, whether or not the person assists the purchaser with the slaughter or butchering of the animal. A person may make an occasional private sale of meat from a game animal the person owns if the processing of the game animal complies with the Game Farm Regulations made under the Wildlife Act.

Associated Regulations:

Meat Inspection and Abattoir Regulations, YOIC 1988/104

Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: Yukon

Topics: agricultural producegame animalhusbandrymusk-oxrocky mountain elksellslaughterwood bison

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